More Than Hate Demo

by Pull the Plug

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released April 12, 2017

Thanks to Burke for recording everything and to Aaron Substance for drawing the art.



all rights reserved


Pull the Plug Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Track Name: Intro/Pull the Plug
born into a world of pain and disrespect
i scavenge this wasteland for the slightest glimpse of hope
but to no surprise i come up empty handed
constant lies are spewed all around me
you're all pathetic - a waste of a life
my anger is fueled by your stupidity
as i watch you mimic others in search of acceptance
you're no use to this world
i think it's time you pull the plug
Track Name: Self Worth
disappointment is all i've ever known
every single day i feel more alone
this unbearing pain gnaws away
i've found myself on a dead end road to my fucking demise
betrayal and grievance bestowed upon me
no matter how hard i try
salvation escapes me
trapped in my thoughts i'm left to rot in the fields of my mind
self hatred burns
self worth grows shallow
i've spent my life
drowned in fucking sorrow
Track Name: Insincerity
no matter where i look i see nothing but insincerity
having to exist alongside the likes of you makes me sick to my stomach
you're a fucking parasite leeching onto others just to survive
you're a fucking parasite leeching onto others just to get by
you've plagued this world for far too long
your time ends now
Track Name: Take Your Life
in a life where agony has become my closest friend
why continue when there is no reason
this pathetic excuse for a soul no longer satisfies
days of despair turn into weeks
and still i suffer this pain
how am i still alive when i have nothing left but a hollowed reflection of myself
when i choose to go i'll be taking you with me
my heart grows cold and numb
nothing could compare to the satisfaction of being no more
my hatred for the world is surging through my veins
i can't take this any longer
the countless nights spent mourning the loss of myself to my anxiety to my fucking misery
when i choose to go i'll be taking you with me